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Do you know how many islands comprise Hong Kong? Have you heard of the Eritrean currency Nakfa? Perhaps you can start taking travel quizzes online.

Online quizzes test your knowledge of geography, culture, history, landmarks and an array of other details you might not even realize you do not know. The best among them tell you the correct answer if you got it wrong, and supply you with an instant score.

Travel quizzes abound. Some are free; some are so easy they are not worth taking. A few are ego-bruisingly difficult.

The National Geographic Web site offers dozens of travel-related quizzes and a few require serious brainpower. You can test your knowledge of Hong Kong’s 200 islands (and dozens of other destinations around the world) at http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/ (click “Quizzes” on the menu bar).

Many online travel quizzes allow you to pick a region and go from there.

The no-nonsense Traveler IQ Challenge (http://www.travelpod.com/traveler-iq) has its users click, fast, all over a map to get as close as they can to easy landmarks like London’s Big Ben and regressively more difficult ones, like the Statue of the Redeemer in Brazil. Like many other travel quizzes, Traveler IQ Challenge lets you boast of your score, share it with friends, compare your score with others, or hide your score altogether if things didn’t go so well for you on the quiz. The Traveler IQ Challenge is also a popular app on Facebook.


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