Lego Marvel’s Avengers (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Review

Lego Marvel’s Avengers



Lego games are near unavoidable now, encompassing pop culture as a whole through their popular takes on many movie franchises and other media franchises. Most of these games follow a very similar structure in which players control Lego forms of their favorite Lego characters in a world set in whatever universe these characters inhabit. My latest Lego game experience follows Lego Marvel’s Avengers. I was pretty excited for this game, considering I’m a huge comic book fan and couldn’t wait to see all of my favorite Marvel characters in one game (again). My first few hours with the game quickly dispelled my excitement though, as I found a very odd problem occurring within Lego Marvel’s Avenegrs, it was struggling with sticking to the story. Usually Lego games base the general plot on a movie, and then have a little fun in-between the key points in the plot. This is where Avengers has a hard time, it doesn’t really know how to have fun. The game as a whole does a fantastic job of laying out the story of Avengers 1 and 2 together, and bringing together a whole cast of characters outside of the movie-verse, but they don’t use these extra characters to their advantage much as they should. Lego Avengers shouldn’t stick to the script, they should have their own adventures outside of the movie missions and have some laughs, maybe fight some ridiculous bosses and bad guys like MODOK. However, even though the game does stick to the script, it presents a fun experience that all ages can and fans of comic book heroes can enjoy. It’s a classic Lego game feels and style, which only adds to the charm of the Marvel cast assembled in this game (which by the way is some 100+ characters)


Lego Marvel’s Avengers is a pleasant game to look at, and does a savvy job of blending the cute Lego charm with the realistic comic-esque environments the Avengers are thrown into. It’s not a very impressive game, but it does an excellent job at sticking to what it knows best. I understand that Lego games don’t have as much reach to explore new visual territories since the games are used with..well…Legos. But a little variation in style now and then would do this franchise some good I believe. I do appreciate how well Lego captures the thrill and sensation of the Avengers, the game presents all the high flying action, explosions, and famous movie scenes very well throughout the whole campaign. Since there aren’t any officially licensed games for any Marvel Movies, these Lego games are the closest gamers can get to experiencing their favorite Marvel movie moments in video game format. Despite being our only choice, it’s a pretty good one to have.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers



There isn’t too much to say within this category, Lego gameplay styles have remained fairly unchanged over the years. Players can cooperatively, or single handedly tackle the game’s campaign mode, and in-between missions are free to roam the game’s free play mode and tackle side missions to unlock collectibles and new characters for use. My favorite Lego hub-world of the past games was Lego Hobbit, it looked and felt so much more differently than the other game’s entries. Unfortunately Lego Marvel’s Avengers hub-world falls a little short, and just gives players a very bland New York esque city to run around in. There’s plenty to do, but nothing stands out or separates itself from the bland cityscape.


I’ve played other Lego games that felt much more memorable and offered more fun than Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and it truly pains me to say that. I’m a huge fan of these characters, and they present themselves in such a cute way in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, but the game just doesn’t provide a different enough experience for me. If you’re yearning for a family fun Lego adventure, Lego Marvel’s Avengers will satisfy, but don’t expect too much from this bland Lego iteration of Marvel’s finest.

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