Matika Wilbur: Project 562

Natural Wanderment: Stewardship. Sovereignty. Sacredness. is a series by Matika Wilbur, based on her Project 562, which explores and documents the lives of Native Americans today. In portrait photos that are direct and clearly show the relationship between photographer and photographed, Wilbur has attempted to depict a kind of unity between the disparate groups of Native people that are spread over thousands of miles. She writes, “Where there is displacement from a homeland, there has come to be irrepressible yearning and struggle on all fronts for cultural wholeness and identity, as well as for communication and action about such crises.” Melding these political/ideological goals with elements of photographic design, Wilbur’s work somehow feels both provocative and natural, and will be worth the trip to Tulalip.

When: Tues–Sun. Through June 11

Where: The Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve(6410 23rd Ave NE, Tulalip, WA 98271)

Price: $10




In the exhibit Riffs, Photo Center Northwest aims to highlight noteworthy Seattle photographers, demonstrating the talent and vision this region has to offer photography as a discipline. The exhibit will feature work by Megumi Shauna Arai, Daniel Carrillo, Catherine Harris-White (aka Sassy Black), Victoria Haven, Eirik Johnson, Ginny Ruffner, Jeffry Mitchell, and Peggy Washburn.

When: Mon–Thurs, Sat, Sun. Through June 15

Where: Photographic Center Northwest(900 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122)

Price: Free


Performing Arts

9 Circles

Strawberry Theatre Workshop presents 9 Circles, a play by Bill Cain that likens the civilian trial of Steven Dale Green to the descent through Dante’s nine circles of hell, directed by Greg Carter.

When: June 2 – 25, Mon, Thurs–Sat.

Where: 12th Avenue Arts(1620 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122)

Price: $36



NW New Works Festival 2016

NW New Works gives you a snapshot of all the performance/theater/dance you’re going to be talking about a year from now. Some stuff is in-progress. Some stuff is close to done. Some stuff is the best. Some stuff is ???. But part of the joy is figuring out which performance has the most potential to become the next mind-melting, genre-altering thing that will emerge from this region and conquer the rest of the country.

When: June 10 – 19, Fri–Sun.

Where: On the Boards(100 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119

Price: $14