Finding Neverland makes believe childhood fairytale at Paramount Theater

Image may contain: textThe current musical play at Paramount Theater, Finding Neverland, speaks to the inner child of the audience and connects with the ones who have stopped listening to their imagination as they aged.

The musical tells the behind-the-scene story of J.M Barrie (Kevin Kern), the Scottish playwright who wrote the pixyish fairytale of Peter Pan. Just like many of us, Barrie was buried in mundane routines and was living a life that he had little interest in.

Under the pressure of the American theatre producer Charles Frohman (Tom Hewitt) and his contracted actors, Barrie was tasked to write a play that would revive the company’s declining business. As Barrie struggled to search for his next best idea, he met the Llewelyn Davies boys in the Kensington Gardens and the magical adventures began to come alive.

Directed by Diane Paulus, Finding Neverland’s stage design is simple yet not short of pixie dust. The brilliant use of lighting delivers a smooth transition between scenes, from shadows of ticking clocks to the glitters of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Bailey (Understudy), Bill Berloni, and Sammy (Porthos) (Photo by KPS Images)

If you have been a regular of the Paramount Theater in the recent years, this will not be the first time you have seen a four-legged friend on stage. Nonetheless, the appearances of Barrie’s pet dog Porthos (Sammy) and its interaction with the cast members add delightful element to the already whimsical musical.

Remember that time you believed you could be everything you wanna be? Ask yourself, have you forgotten how to play? If so, Finding Neverland at Paramount Theater may just be the solution you need to be courageous and act upon your imagination again.

Finding Neverland is currently playing at Seattle’s Paramount Theater through Jan 15. For more information, visit

The Cast of the National Tour of Finding Neverland