By Zita Lam

Where the “steam heat” goes, there’s a tale yet to be told. Set in the 1950s at the Sleep Tite Pajama factory, the Tony Award winning musical, The Pajama Game, tells the story of one vivid labor movement. Along with the steamy romance between the two main characters, Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams, the temperature in the 5th Avenue Theatre has been heating up since the opening night on Feb 10.

Based on the novel 7 ½ Cents by Richard Bissell and directed by Bill Berry, The Pajama Game plays out as a comedic tale of the battle of sexes during a conflict between labor workers and management. The show opens with Sid Sorokin (Josh Davis) arriving to the factory as the new superintendent. His arrival to the factory comes at a turbulent time as he learns that the Union is seeking a seven-and-a-half cent pay raise on behalf of the workers. Although Sid and Babe William (Billie Wildrick), the leader of the Union Grievance Committee, are in opposite camps, it doesn’t stop them from falling in love at first sights. As their love continuously grows stronger, the relationship is challenged by the ongoing debate over labor troubles. Is beginning the romance with Babe a mistake? Sid seems to have a lot more to figure out.

The 5th Avenue Theatre’s reputation for prestigious productions continues as The Pajama Game is one of the most outstanding plays performed by an extremely talented production crew. To kick off the musical, its spectacular stage design and setting immediately draws the audience into the fast-paced working environment at the Sleep Tite Pajama factory. Workers chant “Racing with the Clock” while churning out pajamas with puffing steam machines at the back of the stage. The timeless hits including “Hernando’s Hideaway”, “Hey There” and “There Once Was a Man” are performed by a skilled Seattle cast. This classic production promises to provide audiences with great entertainment though sensational live music and dance performances.

The original Broadway opened in 1954 and had won three Tony Award for Best Musical, Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical, and Best Choreography. It contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all children. Children under 4, including babies in arms, will not be admitted. The Pajama Game runs through March 5, for more information, visit

Approximately runtime: 2 Hour 30 mins