Lawmakers to introduce amendments to lower car tab fees

There are six Sound Transit-related amendments to the transportation budget. (KIRO 7)

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Lawmakers in Olympia are taking a big step Wednesday to try to lower car tab fees. Republican representatives will introduce several amendments to try to bring relief to taxpayers To ease the pain, House Republicans are proposing 6 amendments to the transportation budget. One would exempt Pierce County taxpayers from paying ST3 taxes. Another would allow cities and counties to opt out of the extra taxes to pay for light rail.

A few representatives want to require Sound Transit to use Kelley Blue Book prices to assess the value of vehicles for car tab fees, instead of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, which inflates what is paid for tabs.

Another amendment would prohibit Sound Transit from issuing any new bonds without legislative approval.

House Republicans say Democrats haven’t addressed these issues in committee, so they’re going directly to the House floor for a vote Wednesday.

If the majority of Democrats refuse to allow a vote, Republicans will have to consider other options.