With the explosive growth of larger Seattle, the Chinatown International District (CID) and Little Saigon are facing more cultural changes, development pressures, and threats of displacement of residents and small businesses than ever before. City Council is proposing an upzone in the CID and Little Saigon, as well as a small amount of mandatory affordable housing. The CID in five, ten, or 20 years could be drastically different than it is today. But people who live, work, and receive services in the CID are often not aware of such policy changes and how they will be impacted by them. In response, the Chinatown International District Coalition (CID Coalition) will be holding a community meeting to share information about proposed city policies and major property redevelopments, and to hear directly from community members about their needs, demands, and hopes for the future of the neighborhood. This visioning will then be shared with city leaders to help hold them accountable to the CID community.

The CID Coalition invites community members to join this meeting to learn more about the planned upzone and Mandatory Affordable Housing (MHA) in the area, hear updates about the proposed 14-story Marriott Hotel on 8th & Lane, and to share their vision for the future of the CID. 

Sunday July 9th2:00-4:00pm
Bush Asia Center, CMP Room – 409 Maynard Ave S
 (enter through Hing Hay Park)
Free Food will be provided.
Interpretation will be available in Cantonese, Mandarin, Toisanese, Spanish and Vietnamese.
The CID Coalition is a grassroots collective of residents and neighbors with roots, deep love, and connections to the Seattle Chinatown-International District, organizing in support of community and cultural preservation, and against the displacement of existing residents, small businesses, and nonprofits. We seek a sustainable future for the Chinatown International District that respects and invests in the people, culture, environment, and economy of this historical district.