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【看展覽 Show】

年度畫廊展覽- 黑人歷史月

地點:Michael Birawer 畫廊

今年是第7年度的黑人歷史月,“Black History Month”亦稱“African-American History Month”是一年一度在整個二月慶祝黑人歷史和文化的節日,是為了慶祝美國黑人克服種種困難所取得的成就,以及讚頌黑人在美國歷史發展中為文化和政治生活做出的貢獻及扮演重要角色, 以表示對美籍非裔歷史的尊重。2009年,美國第一位非洲裔總統巴拉克·奧巴馬 (Barack Obama)就職,賦予美國黑人歷史月以特殊意義。正值二月,畫家Jeremy Bell, Hiawatha D., Roosevelt Lewis, Cheryl Zahniser, 和 Warren Pope於西雅圖舉辦了一個為期一個月的畫作展覽,並以黑人文化為主題,以慶祝這個節日。於二月十五日,下午6點到8點會有現場音樂表演。畫廊作品主要包括素描,彩色油畫,以及手工藝作品等。

Annual Exhibit Honoring Black History Month

When: February 1st-February 28rd
Time: Tuesday-Saturday, from 1-5pm
Where: Michael Birawer Gallery
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1772581462760518/

It is the 7th Annual Exhibit Honoring Black History Month. Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and in the Netherlands where it is known as Black Achievement Month. Annual Exhibit Honoring Black History Month is a highly anticipated exhibition this year as we celebrate and explore “blackness” through art. Featured artist Jeremy Bell explores personal growth expressed through metaphor. Using roses, he examines self worth and personal potential. This year they are excited to share masterful and thought provoking artwork by: JeremyGBell.com, Hiawatha D., Roosevelt Lewis, Cheryl Zahniser, and Warren Pope!

【看舞台劇 Theatre】




《浮生若夢》是1938年法蘭克·卡普拉導演的經典喜劇, 改編自普立茲獎得獎的百老匯舞台劇。此次舞台劇由George S. Kaufman 及Moss Hart 主演,並由Teresa Thuman執導,講述一個 不平凡家庭生活的故事,由Sound Theatre Company製作。1938上映的《浮生若夢》外表是愛情喜劇,其實是社會喜劇。從一對家庭環境迥異的青年男女戀愛開始,鋪陳出兩種類型的人物個性、社會階級、生活以及思考方式,風格溫馨但有人生哲理內涵。此片在經濟大蕭條的時代背景之下上映,得到高度評價,至今仍被認為是經典作品。現今時代的這部舞台劇劇情主張自由及典型紐約家庭的個人主義。


You Can’t Take It With You

When: February 24th-March 11th
Time: Thursday-Sunday, various times
Where: Center House Theatre
Info: http://www.soundtheatrecompany.org/2018-season/you-cant-take-it-with-you/

You Can’t Take It With You- One of the most popular and successful comedies in American theatre, this Pulitzer Prize-winning, Depression-era classic has a timeless appeal. Inclusive casting and the “chosen family” will be the centerpiece of this classic 1930’s comedy about a family living “to the beat of a different drum.” Tee Dennard, a founding member of Seattle’s Group Theatre, and Shermona Mitchell lead this cast as Grandpa and his novelist daughter, Penny Sycamore. This story about following your bliss, reveals a New York family of individualists, eccentrics and free-spirits coexisting together under one roof




Lunar New Year in Chinatown

When: February 11th
Time: Sunday 11am-4pm
Where: Chinatown-International District
Info: http://cidbia.org/events/lunar-new-year/

The Year of the Dog is here so don’t forget to save the date for the 2018 Lunar New Year Celebration! Over the last few years, the Lunar New Year Celebration is one of the largest event of its kind in the region and showcases diversity, richness and culture of the Asian community. The collaboration with other neighborhood businesses/organizations has helped draw thousands of visitors from throughout the region for a day of festivities. The celebration include traditional dragon and lion dances, Japanese Taiko Drumming, martial arts and other cultural performances on the Main Stage. Combined with arts, crafts and a variety of family friendly activities there is something for everyone.