‘Show Dogs’: Watch a Rottweiler Rescue a Baby Panda


By Tracy Wang

The latest addition to the animal-and-human films, ‘Show Dogs’ is surely on the list of comedy family movies. A tale full of laughter and important lessons, ‘Show Dogs’ is a film that can teach the adults as well as the children some basic lessons that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

A Rottweiler police dog, Max (Ludacris) is almost always a loner dog, who refuses to collaborate with other officers or even animals. One night, on a mission, he finds a baby panda being smuggled. Promised to bring it home to its mother, Max embarks on a journey to a high-end dog show, where he has to become a contestant.

Though he would very much like to be the only one on this rescue mission, he is accompanied by an FBI agent called Frank (Will Arnett). At first, they can never see eye to eye, but after some time, they grow comfortable and trusting with each other. However, the biggest challenge remains: will they be able to uncover what is going on at the dog show and rescue the baby panda?

A ninety-minute comedy, ‘Show Dogs’ gives us just enough comedic moments, and plot points for us to stay interested and engaged, though at times, we do wish to get a bit more laughter from it.

A comedy at surface level, this film is in truth touching upon some serious subjects we are talking about these days. From animal smugglers to panda extinction, we laugh along with the actors and the ever-so-fun dogs, but we also get to get a taste of the seriousness of these issues.

Even with the many panda-related documentaries or films released recently, we still manage to find the baby panda in here extremely adorable, though we do need to question why it is always a panda who is in danger.

Even though we enjoy the constant bickering between Max and Frank, we too start to warm up to them trusting each other and having each other’s back. When Frank refuses the offer of a guest in the party for Max, our hearts melt along with that of Max, and ‘Show Dogs’ becomes something much more than comedy right at that moment.

Overall, ‘Show Dogs’ is a perfect movie for a family’s weekend outing, but interestingly, this film is not solely for the children, because the messages it carries need to be learnt by all human beings. For a society which is full of biases and prejudices, ‘Show Dogs’ tells us not to judge others by what they appear to be or do. A person cannot be judged simply by his or her appearance or job. Max teaches us to have open minds toward each other, and to always treat each other with respect.

‘Show Dogs’ is a perfect film that teaches us some lessons with laughter and wit. If you are ready to solve a crime that involves a cute little panda with Max, then ‘Show Dogs’ is the right film for you.