“Femme Fatale” at Can Can offers live music with exotic dances

If you have not seen Can Can’s “Femme Fatale” this summer, you will have about two weeks before the show comes to a wrap at the end of September.

As you walk into The Can Can Culinary Cabaret, prepare to be transported to a word of mystery, love, sex and corruption. This production rides the current theme of modern feminism and tells the story of Mata Hari, a Dutch exotic dancer who was convicted as a German spy and executed by the French during World War I. Though you should not expect a history lesson on Mata Hari, the performance will definitely spark your interest in learning more about the life of the glorified heroin.

Like any other cabaret in town, exotic dances and PG-13 jokes that are oh-so-appropriate for the Seattle vibe are guaranteed. For conservative folks, “Femme Fatale” offers an opportunity to loosen up and join the liberals for a party scene. If you are lucky, you may get to sit next to a few out of towners or old timers out on a fun date night, which makes the evening even better.

One unique aspect that sets “Femme Fatale” apart from other cabaret performances is that it includes a groundbreaking collaboration with local artist Prom Queen who provides live music alongside the Can Can Dance Company. It is a spectacular scene to see Prom Queen, as Mata Hari, sings and performs with her guitar while joining the cabaret dancers in the act at such intimate venue located underneath Pike Place Market.

In the rare case that you find that you don’t care for cabaret performance, you can at least sit back to enjoy the culinary experience which includes some of the best ingredients from Seattle’s iconic market. I chose to go with the mushroom pate as appetizer and “The Siren”, a three-course meal including a strawberry and mixed greens salad, halibut cooked with coconut cream, and bite-size cheesecake. To me, the halibut was the best part of the night. It was cooked so perfectly that it retained the tenderness and juiciness of the fish—enough to bring me back to Can Can again.

“Femme Fatale” is currently available at Can Can from Wednesdays to Sundays until September 30. Coming up on October 3 is “Cheerleaders from Hell”, which is the all-time favorite Halloween show of many spooky fans. For more information, visit thecancan.com.