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【看戲劇 Stage Play 】

A Bright Room Called Day

When:Oct. 25 – Nov. 18
Where: Hillman City Collaboratory
Info: http://www.thewilliamsproject.org/

The Williams Project announced the full ensemble cast for its production of Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day, an exciting convergence of the company’s national ensemble with Seattle-based actors.The Williams Project is becoming more and more recognized by its community for its commitment to hiring actors at the top of their craft and paying them a liveable wage for their work — A Bright Room Called Day fulfills this ambition. “With this fierce cast, The Williams Project continues its mission to build a top-flight ensemble and paying them fairly for their work,” Artistic Director Ryan Purcell comments. We haven’t compromised our commitment to gender equity or racial equity. Hopefully this begins a journey that brings national recognition to local actors and helps artistic cross-pollination.”



The Williams Project宣佈了Tony Kushner的《一間名為日的房間》的全體演員陣容。《A Bright Room Called Day》。The Williams Project越來越受到社區的認可,因為它致力於雇傭技藝高超的演員,並為他們的工作支付適宜居住的工資——《A Bright Room Called Day》實現了這一抱負。藝術總監Ryan Purcell評論道: 「有這樣優秀的演員陣容,The Williams Project 致力於打造一流的團隊,並為他們的工作支付公平的報酬。我們沒有違背我們對性別平等或種族平等的承諾。希望我們可以開啟一段旅程,為當地演員帶來全國性的認可,並幫助他們進行藝術交流。」


【看展覽 Exhibition 】

Peacock in the Desert: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India

When:Through Jan. 21, 2019
Where: Seattle Art Museum
Info: http://peacock.site.seattleartmuseum.org/

Five centuries of magnificent art celebrate the rich artistic traditions of the kingdom of Marwar-Jodhpur. Many of the 250 extraordinary objects are on display outside their palace setting for the very first time. Vibrant paintings, intricate furnishings, fine jewelry, and decorated arms and armor, presented beside videos and large-scale photomurals, evoke the stunning atmosphere of the Mehrangarh Fort and the city of Jodhpur.
Established in the 15th century, the kingdom of Marwar-Jodhpur in the northwestern state of Rajasthan continues to innovate support for the arts into the 21st century. Highlights of the lavish exhibition include a re-creation of a royal wedding procession featuring majestically adorned life-size elephant and horse mannequins; a rare and elaborate 17th-century tent; dozens of intricate Rajput and Mughal era paintings; and a splendid 18th-century carved-wood and glass palanquin, known as the Mahadol, used to transport the maharaja and queens.

沙漠中的孔雀: 印度JODHPUR皇家藝術

信息: http://peacock.site.seattleartmuseum.org/



【看脫口秀 Talk Show】

A People’s History

When: Oct. 17—Nov. 25
Where: Seattle repertory theater
Info: https://www.seattlerep.org/Plays/1819/PH/Synopsis

Master storyteller, author, and actor Mike Daisey returns to the Rep with A People’s History, the autobiographical story of when Daisey comes across a battered copy of his high school U.S. history textbook and decides, in true Daisey fashion, to contrast it with something wildly different: Howard Zinn’s electrifying A People’s History of the United States. In this series of 18 stand-alone monologues, Daisey explores a history of the U.S. not typically taught in schools. From Columbus’ landing to today’s political landscape, Daisey confronts our history of exploitation and characterizes the stirring struggle of those who have fought against it to make our American ideals a reality.



講故事大師、作者和演員Mike Daisey有一次為我們帶來了《人民的歷史》,當Daisey遇到一個破舊的美國高中歷史教科書,然後決定,用自己的方式,將它與完全不同的東西做對比:霍華德辛的美國人民的歷史。在這個由18個獨立獨白組成的系列中,Daisey探索了美國的歷史,這是學校裡沒有教過的。從哥倫布登陸到今天的政治版圖,Daisey道述了我們剝削的歷史,並描繪了那些為了實現我們的美國理想而為之鬥爭的 人們。