Grinch movie review

By Valerie Ye

I know, I know, Slow down with the Christmas Movies! I get it, we totally skipped Thanksgiving but think about it. Without any of these movies, Thanksgiving would not be fun. I remember watching The Grinch for the first time and knowing the ending with how everything came out alright, it was every Christmas must see for me.
Now as a mother and raising my son to know and love all the classic this movie was a must see! He has seen both the 1966 animated film and the 2000 live action so watching one with new animation skills was really exciting. I do have a few things that were disappointing but it didn’t overcome the fact that this movie was Funny, heartwarming, and new!

The new: They created new gadgets and added songs that all ages can relate to. (I was dancing in my seat to some) The character was amazing with their storyline. The Grinch was not at all like the first or second ones… (this may be a deal breaker) But it is an animated film for kids. Oh and some of the characters are new or have been deleted to fit the story. Cindy Lou Who is still there, Max is still there (kind of important characters). I thought of it as a combination of the two other movies.

Now the things that I caught to be annoying. At the beginning of the movie, it seems to be super blurry. Almost as if the cell from the films were moving too much or just got damaged. I am not sure but I hope that will be fixed when the movie is released. Next is just my opinion, I thought the Grinch was not at all Grinch-y… I mean Jim Kerry and Boris Karloff did a great job getting that part down. Or maybe it was the narrator that changed the feel of the Grinch. Almost like a rap song instead of telling a Christmas story. Or I could be just comparing and loving the old one more since it was the first. They did change the opening, It was twisted some here and there and almost lost some of the rhymings from the original.

Overall, it was another hit for the Dr.Seuss movies. The detail was on point, singing was moving, Cindy Lou was heartwarming, and the ending was a great Grinch Christmas. Take the whole family young and old, come with open minds and take a second to adjust to the new but know that the story is the same.