Reck It Ralph 2


By Valerie Ye

He breaks the internet… honestly, I thought long and hard about this. Can someone really break the internet? Well, Disney certainly did give some ideas in this movie.

The animator and artist did a great job creating the internet. They gave the internet an easy and detailed explanation. Allowing kids to truly understand how things work. I even understand the levels and some of the terms they used.

But this movie was based on friendship, just like the first movie. When you put a friendship to the test does it break or become stronger? That’s what Ralph and Vanellope find out here. I love how Disney writes were very detailed about some of the history. Such as the first movie was released in 2012 and in this movie they mention how long their friendship lasted for six years. Good one Disney.

The characters are arcade gamers and not online gamers they are clueless to the internet. The things Ralph and Vanellope say are innocent enough for the kids. As an adult, we may understand some of the hidden jokes. The new characters are a great mix to the old and Felix with that Calhoun storyline is hilarious to the for the older crowd… maybe for some teens.

Oh! For you hard care, die-hard Disney princess movies fans this one has a major surprise for you!

It is rated PG which has been changing in the past few years so here is a clear understanding of this rating:it means a child of age eight or older should not be worried. But there will be some content that could upset or not be “okay” for all ages. That being said there is some content here that my four-year-old was not okay to see yet (that is by my option only).

Hey, stay to the end… Parents, you will love that extra of parenting tips. It gave me a good laugh.