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【歌劇 Opera 】

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

When: Feb. 23 – March 9
Where: Seattle Opera
Info: https://seattleopera.org/stevejobs

When faced with his mortality, the visionary Apple co-founder revisits 18 of his most important memories in search of a perfect moment to take with him. Mason Bates’ dazzling score features a glossy mix of lyrical and rhythmic music, combining traditional and electronic instrumentation. Mark Campbell’s compelling, funny, and touching libretto draws on universal themes of human communication and connection in its respectful yet unflinching depiction of Jobs’ innovative ideas and troublesome truths.



讓大衆與這位具有遠見卓識的蘋果公司(Apple)聯合創始人一起重溫18段對他而言最重要的記憶梅森·貝茨的配樂特點是將抒情和節奏巧妙結合,以及傳統樂器和現代電聲樂器的融合。馬克·坎貝爾(Mark Campbell)的這部作品引人入勝、有趣且感人。他對約伯斯的創新理念和一些棘手的事實真相,在尊重的基礎上毫不退縮的進行了呈現。

【戲劇 Stage Play】

The Woman in Black

When: Feb.22 – March 24
Where: Bagley Wright Theatre
Info: https://www.seattlerep.org/Plays/1819/WB/Synopsis

In the village of Crythin Gifford, the wind howls across the moors and fog creeps mysteriously around the town spires. At the edge of the village’s cemetery, young lawyer Arthur Kipps glimpses the figure of a woman, garbed all in black, and is drawn into Crythin’s cursed and haunted history. Susan Hill’s gothic ghost story, The Woman in Black, comes to spine-tingling life in this cunning stage adaptation that left London’s West End theatregoers enthralled.


時間: 2月22日至3月24日

在Crythin村,風呼嘯著穿過荒野,霧氣神秘地籠罩著城鎮的塔尖。在村子墓地的邊緣,年輕的律師亞瑟·基普斯瞥見了一個身穿黑色衣服的女人身影,從此便被捲入了Crythin村被詛咒和鬧鬼的歷史進程中。蘇珊·希爾(Susan Hill)的哥特式鬼故事《黑衣女人》(The Woman in Black)在這部巧妙的舞臺劇中,展現了極為扣人心弦的劇情,令倫敦西區的觀眾為之著迷。

【活動 Event】

29th Annual PNA Wine Taste

When: Saturday, Feb. 23
Where: Phinney Center
Info: https://www.phinneycenter.org/calendar/pna-wine-taste-19/

Treat yourself to an evening of good Washington wines, good food, and good friends. Enjoy tastes from Seattle urban wineries, and of course, wineries from Eastern Washington, and Woodinville. Visit the wine store at the event, and purchase wines from smaller wineries and vineyards whose wine is not readily available in Seattle. Proceeds from the wine store benefit the programs and activities of the PNA. Admission to the Wine Taste includes ten tastes of wine, elegant hors d’oeuvres, and music. Come celebrate Washington wines with friends, neighbors, and fellow wine enthusiasts!


地點:Phinney Center