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【音樂劇 Musical 】


時間: 3月22日至24日
信息: https://villagetheatre.org/everett/i-do-i-do.php

這是一部親密而懷舊的音樂劇,記錄了50載漫長的的生活和愛情,這部兩人合作的百老匯經典之作由《異想天開》的編劇團隊創作,並在1967年獲得了7項托尼獎提名。故事開始於邁克爾和阿格尼斯的婚禮日,講述了婚姻、孩子、爭吵等等的危險和成功。優秀的演員們將與導演邁克爾·阿諾德(Michael Arnold)一起,講述一個跨越幾代人的故事,將我們所有人連接在一個非常真實的(最終也是人類的)愛情之旅中。

I Do! I Do!

When: March 22-24, 2019
Where: Everett Performing Arts Center
Info: https://villagetheatre.org/everett/i-do-i-do.php

An intimate and nostalgic musical chronicling 50 years of life and love, this two-person Broadway classic was created by the writing team behind The Fantasticks and garnered seven Tony Award nominations in 1967. The story begins on the wedding day of Michael and Agnes and follows the perils and triumphs of marriage, children, arguments, and more. Village Theatre’s production will feature Kendra Kassebaum (Broadway: RENT, Come From Away; National Tour: Glinda in Wicked) and Peter Saide (Off-Broadway: Desperate Measures; National Tour: Prince Charming in Cinderella), taking on the roles that were originated on Broadway by Mary Martin and Robert Preston. Together with director Michael Arnold, they will tell a story that crosses generations and connects us all in the very real (and ultimately human) journey of love.

【展覽 Exhibition】


時間: 3月22日至5月12日


Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer

When: March 22-May 12
Where: Seattle Art Museum
Info: http://gibson.site.seattleartmuseum.org/

Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer is a major museum exhibition presenting a significant selection of this contemporary artist’s exuberant artwork created since 2011. Gibson’s complex work reflects varied influences, including fashion and design, abstract painting, queer identity, popular music, and the materials and aesthetics of Native American cultures. The more than 65 works on view include beaded punching bags, figures and wall hangings, abstract geometric paintings on rawhide and canvas, performance video, and a new multimedia installation.

【活動 Event】


時間:3月29日 下午1時至3時
地點:從James St 4街開始

胡裡節——又名「顏色的節日」或「愛的節日」——寓意慶祝春天、交流和正義戰勝邪惡。來參加這個熱鬧的慶祝活動吧,人們會互相追逐,投擲彩色粉末。歡迎來自不同宗教、文化、背景和年齡的人們! Shruti Balakrishnan將與大家分享她美妙的歌聲,在這裏還可以學習到正宗的阿夫沙那舞。記得帶現金來購買印度肉卷和Chai Lady店的奶茶!

Holi Festival of Colors 2019

When:March 29 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: Phinney Center
Info: https://www.phinneycenter.org/calendar/holi-festival-colors-2019/

Holi – “the festival of color” or “the festival of love” – celebrates spring, connection, and the triumph of good over evil. Come join in this raucous celebration, where people will chase each other around, throwing handfuls of colored powders. Folks from all religions, cultures, backgrounds, and ages are welcome! Indian food by The Roll Pod and chai from The Chai Lady will be available for purchase; bring cash!