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【舞蹈 Dance】

Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland

When: April 3 through 7
Where: The triple door
Info: http://verlaineandmccann.com/

In their 11th annual re-imagination of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of nonsense and fantasy, follow Alice as she discovers what wonders lie beyond the velvet rope at Wonderland’s most exclusive nightclub, The Looking Glass, and attempts to best the evil Queen of Hearts to become the next ruler of Wonderland.

Through The Looking Glass features top-notch local dance talent, opulent costuming by Stephanie Seymour, original choreography from the classically-trained Lily Verlaine, and an original score by Jasper McCann, Kate Olson, and Michael Owcharuk inspired by hard-bop, psychedelia, and Indian Raga-pop recordings of the mid-60’s… played LIVE by our jazz-rock sextet, The Aces & 8’s.


時間: 4月3日至7日

《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》是路易士·卡羅爾的經典之作,講述的是一個荒誕而又充滿幻想的故事。在第11屆年度小說《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》中,愛麗絲在仙境最高檔的夜總會“鏡中奇遇”(the Looking Glass)裡發現了絲絨繩索之外的奇跡,並試圖打敗邪惡的紅桃皇后,成為仙境的下一任統治者。

《鏡中奇遇》擁有本地一流的舞蹈家,斯蒂芬妮·西摩負責華麗的服裝定制,古典舞訓練有素的莉莉·韋蘭擔任原創編舞,賈斯珀·麥肯、凱特·奧爾森和邁克爾·奧查盧克則作爲原創配樂,靈感來自60年代中期的硬搖、迷幻和印度拉格流行音樂……由爵士搖滾六重奏樂隊ace & 8擔任現場演奏。

【展覽 Exhibition】

Quilts: The Reason We Exist.

When: April 25-27
Where: Edward D. Hansen Conference Center 2000 Hewitt Avenue Everett, WA
Info: https://www.everettquiltshow.com/

Quilts: The Reason We Exist. Are YOU creating your quilts, planning to enter our Challenge, designing wearables or variety items to enter into Everett Quilt Show (EQS)? The public is invited to participate in any category or event.


時間: 4月25至27日
地點:Edward D. Hansen Conference Center 2000 Hewitt Avenue Everett, WA

美麗的棉被:我們存在的理由。我們期待著2019年的精彩展覽!你在自己縫製被子,準備參加我們的挑戰嗎? 帶上你設計的可穿戴針織品或其他作品進入埃弗雷特被子展。公眾可參與任何類別的活動。

【活動 Event】

Tulip Festival Street Fair

When:April 19 through 21
Where:325 Pine Street, Mount Vernon 98273
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/710948479307167/

Welcome to the 35th Annual Downtown Mount Vernon Tulip Festival Street Fair! The Tulip Festival Street Fair is just a year younger than its sister celebration, the Tulip Festival, and is a deeply entrenched annual tradition in our community. Since its inception, Street Fair has grown from a few tables on the sidewalks to its current size, nearly half a mile of artisan vendors, food trucks, non-profit group displays, and live entertainment. We are proud to produce this event, which has become known as the first annual and one of the largest outdoor art shows of the year in Northwest Washington.


地點:325 Pine Street, Mount Vernon 98273

歡迎光臨第35屆Mount Vernon市中心的鬱金香節市集!這裏是經典的美國鬧市區風格。鬱金香節街頭集市比它的姐妹節日鬱金香節(Tulip Festival)小一歲,是社區根深蒂固的年度傳統。自成立以來,「街頭集市 」已經從人行道上的幾張桌子發展到現在的規模,有近半英里的工匠小販、食品卡車、非盈利組織展覽和現場娛樂活動。Mount Vernon很自豪能舉辦這個活動,它已經成為華盛頓西北部第一個及最大的戶外藝術展覽之一。