“Avengers: Endgame” Movie Review


By Zita Lam

Let’s be honest, for those who have done their homework know that: two main factors are going to help the vanished ones from the Infinity War—Quantum Realm and Captain Marvel. But still, it has been a long year to finally know what “one in 14 million alternatives” Dr. Strange was referring to before he handed over the Time Stone. So buckle up! Because the Endgame is going to be a three-hours-long ride that leaves you nothing but mostly tears.

As much as Endgame’s storyline is merely predictable, there are still surprises in this second to the final chapter of the “Infinity Saga” series. The first half of the movie set in a slow-paced beat to stir up the emotions. It is a devastating time, indeed, for the remaining ones—Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeyes. These very first Avengers characters, along with Captain Marvel, successfully locate Thanos, and hope they can just reverse the snap by making a visit. And of course, things are not as easy as it seems.

After they are given false hope, the heroes start falling apart. Some move on and some hold grudges. The reason why Infinity War is one of the best MCU movies is that it reveals the vulnerability of the characters—the mutants, the gods, and the people as intelligent as Tony Stark have the taste of the defeat—just like the rest of us. Endgame continuously focuses on the hardship the characters have to overcome and it shifts the core motive of their actions. They no longer fight because of their obligations; they fight because of their loved ones.

While most audiences expect to see the exciting action scenes, true fans hold Endgame to a higher standard. The domino effect in the movie is not subtle enough to convince audiences of the final outcome. In other words, the plot doesn’t elaborate well on the relationship between characters’ actions and the “one in 14 million alternatives.” Instead, it relies hugely upon the random factors like “right thing happens in the right time”—from the random rat that stumbles on the machine and releases Ant-Man, to Iron Man conveniently at a spot where the gauntlet eventually ends up in the battle scene.

As much as we want to laugh at Thor’s surprising appearance and Hulk’s sudden comedic sense in the movie, these heroes’ true characteristics are buried just so the film can be “more fun to watch.” It’s unfortunate to see the uniqueness in these characters is being altered to match the commercial needs. Of course, it is normal for even heroes to have different traits. However, without proper development, the audience may find it difficult to connect with these characters whom they know at least for a decade. When these characters become a stranger to us, how are we supposed to feel the emotions in the movie?

At the end of the day, MCU is truly a masterpiece has influenced our lives in so many ways for the past 10 years. It is hard to say goodbye to this phrase but Endgame is a perfect conclusion that reminds us why we first fell in love with these incredible characters. Despite their powers or heroism, it is the humanity we can somehow find in between the corny lines. It gives us the courage of life and the reason to believe.

Thank you, Avengers and we love you 3000.