Weekly Events | 西城好看

【Stage Play 戲劇】

The call

When: May 17 – June 9
Where: Seattle public theater

When Annie and Peter decide to adopt, they come to set their sights on a child from Africa. But when the reality of this choice sinks in, it opens a well of uncertainty that speaks to their very identity as White Americans. Politically-charged and tack-sharp, The Call is a startling portrait of the cultural divide, casting global issues into the heart of an American home.                                      


時間: 5月17日至6月9日


【Exhibition 展覽】

Victorian Radicals

When: June 13 – Sept. 8
Where: Seattle Art Museum
Info: http://victorianradicals.site.seattleartmuseum.org/

Rebellious artists and designers search for beauty in an age of industry in Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement. These artists challenged the new industrial world and looked to the art of the past for inspiration, reasserting the value of the handmade over the dehumanizing sterility of mass production in 19th-century England. Victorian Radicals presents an unprecedented 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures, stained glass, jewelry, textiles, and decorative arts—many never before exhibited outside of the United Kingdom. See vibrant works by the major figures associated with the subversive Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the later Arts & Crafts Movement.



從「前拉斐爾派」到「 工藝美術運動」,叛逆的藝術家和設計師在維多利亞時代的工業革命中尋找美。這些藝術家向新的工業世界發起挑戰,從過去的藝術中尋找靈感,重申手工製作的價值,而不是19世紀英國大規模生產中缺乏人性的枯燥生產。維多利亞時期的激進分子展出了前所未有的150幅油畫、素描、雕塑、彩色玻璃、珠寶、紡織品和裝飾藝術,其中許多作品從未在英國以外的地方展出過。

【Activity 活動】

12th Annual HONK! Fest West

When: May 31 – June 2
Where: Columbia City Theater, Columbia City, Seattle, WA
Info: https://www.honkfestwest.org/

In some ways, HONK! Fest West feels like an unintended antidote to the Seattle Freeze. The free, three-day, community-supported music festival—which is devoted to street band culture and features marching bands, samba lines, drum corps, and anything else acoustic and mobile that makes an organized racket—is meant to engage.


時間: 5月31日至6月2日
信息: https://www.honkfestwest.org/

在某些道路,你可以隨意按喇叭!韋斯特音樂節(Fest West)給人的感覺像是,西雅圖冰封期的意外解藥。這是一個由社區支持的為期三天的免費音樂節,為了吸引更多的人的參與。音樂節致力於街頭樂隊文化,以行進樂隊、森巴舞隊、鼓樂隊以及任何能發聲的移動設備為特色。