Movie Review: Secret Life of Pets 2

By Valerie Ye

For as long as I can remember movies with talking animals have been an all time favorite for any kid.

When Secret Life of Pets came out my son loved it. He loved the story of every animal in the building and I think we all can say the Snowball is our favorite. (Even if he is a psychotic bunny) I knew that they brought him back in this movie and glad they did.

He brings jokes and commentary to the movie. Some animals did not come back and new ones were introduced. Puppies! They added puppies, and they are in training to be the best dogs ever which we all know to do things while we leave them at home. Gidget it back, but this time not so much as a lovesick puppy. She is back with some interesting charisma and a sense of female confidence.

You won’t be disappointed though, there is something for everyone in this movie. The soundtrack is great adding some oldies and new songs along with the artwork. Stay till the end and watch Snowball do a little rap for you. I left singing that one word all the way home.

If there is one thing I do have to point out is that Max’s story seemed a little cut-out. Almost as if Snowball and Max were trying to share the screen until the end when they did tie everything up. It is not like the last movie where all the pets were working together and shared the same story. This is more divided into each story and you get a first look at the challenges each face. Your child will be leaving the theater with jokes, laughter, and stories to tell their friends.