“Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell” at Can Can!

By Zita Lam

“Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell,” one of Can Can’s enchanting shows, is now playing in the heart of Pike Place Market in celebration of the Halloween season. Famous for its dirty dances, nudie acts, and slightly inappropriate jokes, this cabaret is all about wowing you with everything they can offer. Therefore, before you go into this intimate theatre, get yourself a drink and loosen up because things are going to get intensely fun.

Inspired by classic Halloween-themed movies, this performance brings the high-school-zombie story to life with its “new spookalicious adornments, playfully scary characters, and delightfully frightful multimedia madness.” While the storyline is not so novel anymore, Can Can maximizes the enjoyment in many ways: talented dancers, audience interactions, and an impressive menu.

First of all, it is always amusing to me how the performers manage to showcase a variety of choreography in a narrow venue like Can Can’s. They utilize every inch of the space and lead the audience’s imagination to the next level! Yes—their “bootyful” twerking moves are exciting to watch, but more importantly, the dancers also display a well-rounded skill set including singing and acting.

Essentially, teasing the audience is a must for a show like such. You might be randomly chosen to do silly things on the stage or to answer some embarrassing questions—these interactions are designed to light up the mood. However, if you are a shy person and would do anything to avoid eye contact, here are some tips for you to survive the awkwardness: take a sip of their signature cocktail and focus on their European-influenced cuisine.

Jokes aside, Can Can’s menu is remarkably fascinating. It offers the style of French and Italian recipes with a Northwest twist, furthermore, it is made with fresh ingredients from Pike Place Market. Its full course dinner ($60) seems like the most reasonable option when the main course costs about $40 — it starts with your choice of roasted pumpkin soup, wild mushroom fritters or apple and pear salad. The main course comprises a choice of house-made Italian dumplings, herb-roasted chicken breast or top sirloin. Lastly, you can choose panna cotta, caramel apple tart or mint chocolate cake for your dessert.

“Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell” is now running through Nov. 3, 2019. 7:00 p.m. shows are for audiences 17 years or older. The 9:30 p.m. and midnight shows are 21 and over only. For more information, visit www.thecancan.com.