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【電影節 Film Festival 】


地點:1515 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122

波特蘭德國電影節與西北電影論壇合作,舉辦了第四屆KINOFEST Seattle 2019,’展示來自德國、奧地利和瑞士的德語電影。 這個一年一度的節日包括紀錄片和虛構的短片和長片,它們代表了德國電影攝製的最新技術,使觀眾有機會體驗歐洲德語國家的多樣性、歷史和進步。

Kinofest Film Festival 

When: Oct. 22 – Nov. 5
Where: 1515 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122
Info: https://nwfilmforum.org/events/kinofest-seattle-2019/

The Portland German Film Festival in collaboration with Northwest Film Forum presents the 4th annual KINOFEST Seattle 2019, a showcase of German language films from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This annual festival includes documentary and fictional short and feature-length films that represent the state-of-the-art in German language filmmaking, giving audiences a chance to experience the diversity, history, and progress of German-speaking countries in Europe.

【舞台劇 Stage Play】


地點:ACT The Falls Theatre

屢獲殊榮的劇作家史蒂文·迪茨(Steven Dietz)重返ACT!迪茨大膽改寫了這個血腥的善與惡故事,其中包括令人驚訝的轉折—吸血鬼德萊庫拉渴望的對象米娜(Mina)開始揭露未婚夫的神秘困擾,以及最親密的同伴露西(Lucy)感到被召喚的原因。 米娜知道她必須大膽對抗這個吸血鬼,以免為時已晚。


When: Oct. 8 – Nov. 17
Run Time: 90 minutes with no intermission
Where: ACT The Falls Theatre
Info: http://www.acttheatre.org/

Dracula marks the return of award-winning playwright Steven Dietz to ACT. Dietz’s bold adaptation of the beloved, bloodcurdling tale of good versus evil includes a surprising twist–Mina, the object of Dracula’s desire, sets out to uncover the mysterious haunting of her fiancé and the reason why her closest companion, Lucy, feels her body summoned by howls and whispers in the dark. Mina knows she must boldly challenge the ruler of the night before it’s too late. Provocative, empowering, and punctuated by wit, this foray to the dark side is soon to become a cult classic at ACT.

【展覽 Exhibition】

World Premiere Minecraft the Exhibition

When: Oct. 19 – Sept. 7, 2020
Where: MoPOP 
Info: https://www.mopop.org

The immersive exhibition brings the virtual landscape of Minecraft to life through full-scale creatures, scenic backdrops, a day-night lighting cycle, dynamic audio effects, and a gallery score designed for players and non-players of all ages. Created in partnership with Mojang, the exhibition celebrates the game’s 10th anniversary by exploring how Minecraft has developed into a platform for unlimited creative expression, community-crafting, and inspiration to build a better world outside of the game.