Mr. Soo Kay Leong, a long-time pioneer of Seattle’s Chinatown Business development, passed away comfortably and peacefully on Nov. 7, 2019.
西雅圖唐人街業務發展的長期先驅Soo Kay Leong先生於2019年11月7日安寧和平地過世。

He was employed at Boeing, a partner in the Silver Dragon Restaurant and involved in many businesses, including helping to found the Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness School with Master David Leong.
他曾受僱於波音(Boeing),並是銀龍餐廳(Silver Dragon Restaurant)的合夥人,也參與了許多業務,包括幫助與梁文輝師傅(David Leong)建立西北功夫和健身學校。

He was a 2nd generation Chinese American,  his father, Mr. Harry Wun Leong was also a successful businessman.
他是第二代華裔美國人,他的父親Harry Wun Leong先生也是一位成功的商人。

Mr. Kay Leong was an avid horticulturist and nature lover.
Soo Kay Leong先生是一位狂熱的園藝家和自然愛好者。

He met and married his wife Mrs. Judy Leong in Hong Kong in 1962. They had 3 children, Doris, David, and Carol.  The 3 children inherited their family’s business acumen and are all successful business people.
他於1962年在香港認識並與妻子Judy Leong夫人結婚。他們有3個孩子,Doris、David和Carol。 這三個孩子繼承了家庭的商業頭腦,都是成功的商人。

Mrs. Leong passed peacefully in February 2019 now she is joined by her husband. May they both enjoy their lives together in Heaven.
梁太太於2019年2月和平地過世,現在她的丈夫加入了她的行列。 願他們倆在天堂一起享受生活。

Doris, David, and Carol