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It is not usual that I write about criminal law, but certain criminal cases that I have witnessed prompted this moment in time to write something about an ongoing epidemic happening in the State of Washington, a little bit of information exchange right here learning how to avoid trouble can be beneficial in the long run.

Recently there has been lots of criminal arrests regarding illegal marijuana operation in the State of Washington, and a lot of those who got arrested are immigrants from Asia. These crimes always lead to deportation. DEA, ICE, and local police are ramping up more arrests specifically on these kinds of criminal charges. For any holder with a green card or other nonimmigrant visas, these crimes will lead to deportation which I have written about in other articles.

Washington State allows marijuana growth, but one has got to know its limit. It is legal to grow marijuana, but it requires a license. Once you grew over the limit that your license permits, or transport marijuana that you have harvested, you will be subject to all sorts of arrests. Therefore; keys are 1. Have a license; 2. know the limited amount that you can legally grow within your license; 3. not to transport marijuana that you have harvested.

Since the DEA, ICE, and local police are increasing their enforcement on this matter, should anyone got arrested, be sure to remain silent because it is your right. Then, you will ask the police for an attorney. When you get an attorney, anything that you tell your attorney will be confidential and won’t be used against you in court. More importantly, it is extremely helpful to be candid with your attorney about how events have taken place to make sure that you will not be ended up with a deportable offense under immigration law.

We all came to this country to find a better living, America indeed offers lots of money-making opportunities that we could not have found in our own respective country; the takeaway is that we need to realize there is always a limit for what we can do to make money, and we must realize our satisfaction or accomplishment at certain points in our life. After all, money can come in numbers of infinity, does that mean we should exploit all avenues to make money? In our case, a simple mistake or greed can lead to deportation from the United States, however hard that you have worked to achieve in the United States becomes moot because this is the end of your American dream.


Attorney Kwan Law grew up in Hong Kong and came to the United States to continue his education. Mr. Law resides in Seattle, he cares about the well-being of immigrants and citizens alike. He enjoys meeting people and hearing feedback from readers of Seattle Chinese Times, please contact him at (425) 448-1230.